I’ve been taking this animation course to learn how to animate simple 2D drawings. I’m not an an expert but now I know more than just the principals and it’s very fun, especially to see the final project that takes so long make. I wanted to do something special for each of my parents’ birthday’s so I made these two extremely short animated clips (they’re literally 4 seconds long):



Sometimes I just take a whiteboard and pen and start putting together simple strokes to make a drawing. To me, this looks like a logo I would use.

My Monster

I was bored on Saturday, so I made a monster out of legos. It had two eyes, no nose or mouth, and two long legs under his face. When I woke up on Sunday and had an idea and I started drawing him. I added short arms to the drawing of him and made him very furry at the bottom of his legs (as if he were wearing leg warmers). I also gave him small ears and made him cuter than the lego doll he was based on. I made him my character. The only problem is, I still haven’t figured out what to call him.

Terribly bored

Sometimes I get very bored and I don’t know what to do. It feels like the worst, and when I start drawing, I’m not inspired by anything and I don’t know what to draw. I ask what I should do and everyone starts telling me it’s good to be bored because it sort of forces you to come up with something and be creative. And, surprisingly, that does happen to me.

Sant Jordi

Today is Sant Jordi! I love it because we buy roses and books (and I love reading). It’s also a time when everyone gets creative and starts writing, drawing, or even shooting small movies (I like doing Stop Motion videos). This year will be different but I hope everyone enjoys themselves just as much.


“I’m sitting here in a boring room,
It’s just another rainy Sunday afternoon.”

One day I had this idea, and I took paper and scissors and made these silhouettes, wishing I could be one of them, or maybe I already am.

Marry Poppins

A few days ago, while I was bored trying to figure out what the new school logo could be, I started drawing this lady and it turned out looking like Marry Poppins. Today it’s my friend Jรบlia Noguรฉs’ birthday. Mary Poppins is unique and now that I think of it, so is she.

Simple things

These flowers have been on my balcony, where flowers don’t bloom as often as I would like. It seems magical each time a beautiful flower like these two blooms, and that’s why I always draw it. It’s crazy how such a simple thing can relax me and make me truly smile.