Sant Jordi

Today is Sant Jordi! I love it because we buy roses and books (and I love reading). It’s also a time when everyone gets creative and starts writing, drawing, or even shooting small movies (I like doing Stop Motion videos). This year will be different but I hope everyone enjoys themselves just as much.


“I’m sitting here in a boring room,
It’s just another rainy Sunday afternoon.”

One day I had this idea, and I took paper and scissors and made these silhouettes, wishing I could be one of them, or maybe I already am.

Marry Poppins

A few days ago, while I was bored trying to figure out what the new school logo could be, I started drawing this lady and it turned out looking like Marry Poppins. Today it’s my friend Júlia Nogués’ birthday. Mary Poppins is unique and now that I think of it, so is she.