My Monster

I was bored on Saturday, so I made a monster out of legos. It had two eyes, no nose or mouth, and two long legs under his face. When I woke up on Sunday and had an idea and I started drawing him. I added short arms to the drawing of him and made him very furry at the bottom of his legs (as if he were wearing leg warmers). I also gave him small ears and made him cuter than the lego doll he was based on. I made him my character. The only problem is, I still haven’t figured out what to call him.

Terribly bored

Sometimes I get very bored and I don’t know what to do. It feels like the worst, and when I start drawing, I’m not inspired by anything and I don’t know what to draw. I ask what I should do and everyone starts telling me it’s good to be bored because it sort of forces you to come up with something and be creative. And, surprisingly, that does happen to me.